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The NDG – (Natal Digital Group) based in the city of Natal/RN, HI24JC Grid location, is an informal group dedicated to amateur radio digital trasmissões. Its purpose is to promote activity and good practice in the use of all digital modes. The Association is free to any amateur, club or SWL (radio-listening). A membership certificate in PDF format, is sent via email to new members. For each associated with amateur radio, is assigned a member of the NDG. Spread the NDG, especially to colleagues interested in digital transmission, which might be interested in joining the NDG,. All credits for the NDG diplomas should be made using the software UltimateAAC.

Click here to NDG Membership.

Vídeo how use UltimateAAC


Currently the Contest NDG is only for Brazilian HAMs, but we encourage the quick QSO with DX stations, hunting awards


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